• Buff Toulon, Owner

    Our company has worked with Chuck Lasker and Social Kauai for several years and we have never been happier with a marketing company. Chuck has gone above and beyond for us in many ways and I would highly recommend him. He’s the best!

    Buff Toulon, Owner

       Poipu Kapili by Poipu Ocean View Resorts, Inc

  • Greg DiFalco

    I hired Chuck for numerous Miva Merchant-related assignments, from the creation of brand new modules, to the installation of existing modules, and the troubleshooting of shopping cart problems. Each and every time he has provided me with an invaluable service, and has helped keep my shopping carts running smoothly.

    Greg DiFalco

       Internet Marketing Manager

  • Harvey Ramer, Web Strategy Consultant

    Chuck is a personable, engaging communicator with a deep knowledge of e-commerce strategies. He treated me fairly and helped me troubleshoot several development issues with a project I was creating at the time.

    Harvey Ramer, Web Strategy Consultant

       Web Strategy Consultant

  • AE Hageman

    Chuck is a detail-oriented manager who watches the project list like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective.

    AE Hageman


  • Nikki Patrick, Group 5 Web

    Chuck is a great pleasure to work with and is very helpful to his clients. His vast knowledge of affiliate marketing and internet marketing as a whole has been a great asset to me. I would recommend chuck to anyone who is looking for a good affiliate marketing manager for their online business.

    Nikki Patrick, Group 5 Web

       Group 5 Web

  • Darren Ehlers

    I’ve known Chuck for many years, so when the decision was made to start a new company, he was one of the first people I approached. His business expertise and savvy, combined with his strong ethics, makes him a pleasure to work with, and a true asset to any endeavor.

    Darren Ehlers
  • Donald Grothoff

    I hired Chuck as a contractor for my own business a couple of times. He showed his expertise in his industry, went above and beyond the call, stood behind his work and was a great guy on top of it. I enjoyed working with Chuck and would easily recommend his products and services as top notch.

    Donald Grothoff

       Balance M Consulting

  • Laura Pawelec

    I have worked with Chuck over the years-he designed our website. He is an expert in his trade, extremely creative and personable. He has a very high degree of integrity and the work is always done immediately. We highly recommend his services. We have received so many compliments with regard to our website thanks to Chuck!!

    Laura Pawelec

       Basketfull Online

  • Bill Mann

    Chuck Lasker has been an invaluable resource for my business. His in-depth knowledge and vast experience is paramount. I have trusted Chuck with some of my most valuable and sensitive web site and marketing projects. He is consistently responsive with helpful solutions. Truly, a great resource.

    Bill Mann


  • Jerry Pena

    Chuck is one of the most innovative and forward thinking individuals I have had the pleasure of working with/for. His professionalism and ability to not only adapt, but excel in so many diverse disciplines is amazing to say the least. Trustworthy, responsible and thoughtful are just some of the first words that come to mind when I think of Chuck.

    Jerry Pena

       Custom Partner